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Mountain Men Inc. delivers a number of official initiatives throughout the year that aim to improve social contentedness by providing opportunities for men to connect with one another, build and foster meaningful friendships and provide pathways to local support services where needed. These official initiatives are listed below the Calendar.



MOUNTAIN DADS (and their kids!)

Our Dad's group is open to all Dads with children aged 0 - 10 years of age, seeking to promote peer support among Dads and opportunities for play. Meeting monthly (usually on a Saturday or Sunday morning), we try to utilize the fantastic open spaces we have in the Dandenong Ranges and promote nature play as much as possible.  We have also established relationships with some of the many 'friends of...' groups in the area and get involved with some of the many activities they run during the year (tree planting, Lyrebird survey, etc). Please contact us for further information.



Games night happens fortnightly on Tuesday evening and is held at various locations (pubs/taverns) across the mountain. Starting at 6-6:30pm, guys come together for a meal before kicking off that night's games at around 7-7:30pm.  We have a number of board games and role play games (D&D, etc) that are usually used, but always open to suggestions.  We have a closed Facebook chat for members, where tutorials on games are posted and discussed. Please contact us for further information. 



Most of us on the mountain have properties that take a lot of work to maintain! Our job share group brings guys together to help share this load. 'Working Bees' are held at members private homes on a rotating basis; working on any number of tasks ie. gardening/landscaping, building retaining walls, etc. Please note that our Job Share is run as a closed group but open to membership throughout the year and members need to commit to an equal share of time each month. Please contact us for further information. 


MEN'S FITNESS GROUP (in partnership with First Train Fitness)

Mountain Men in partnership with First Train Fitness, runs a weekly fitness group (during the school terms) for men of all ages and all fitness abilities (go at your own pace).  These 45 minute group fitness sessions are run on a Monday evening at 7pm in Belgrave South.  Please contact us for further information.


'OUT IN THE EAST' (GBTIQ Social Dinner)

Mountain Men prides itself on being an open, inclusive group for all who identify as male, this includes gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning. Our monthly social dinners take place on a Wednesday evening at various locations across the Dandenong Ranges (and Yarra Valley on occasion) and will be used to discuss ideas for other social activities throughout the year (Midsumma, etc). Please contact us for further information.



Our annual "Men's Gathering" is an annual weekend trip away in country Victoria. Thanks to a diverse group of guest speakers and other professionals, the "Gathering" provides opportunities for men to come together in a safe space to talk and participate in a range of fun activities that promote and foster inclusiveness and mateship.  Please contact us for further information. 

NOTE: We also encourage men to reach out via our CLOSED Facebook Group to other members who may share similar interests; to meet, come together and again, foster the aims and values of Mountain Men that include respect and inclusiveness.  Members of the CLOSED group for example, may put a call out for those who may be interested in AFL football to get a small group of fella's together to attend AFL footy matches.  Or, someone may have a keen interest in art and/or photography and put a call out for other like-minded guys to participate in a local photography expedition.  Or, someone may just be looking for a new mate to go hiking with, or catch up with for a cuppa and chat, etc.  Mountain Men encourages these informal initiatives and meet-up's, but please note that these are not official Mountain Men events.  Mountain Men accepts no responsibility for member-organised initiatives, events or meet-ups and we encourage you take responsible precautions in anything you are initiating or participating in.  Click here to be taken to our CLOSED Facebook Group.

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